Feature TYLA Project

Feature TYLA Project

More Resources for Young Lawyers and the Community
By: Brooke Ulrickson Allen

Throughout the Bar year, you hear about the many great projects TYLA completes such as Partnering for Pro Bono and the Little Voice. However, there are also some “lesser known” resources available for young lawyers, clients, and the community in general. These are the plethora of pamphlets TYLA produces and updates each year.

Of course you know about Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans, but did you also know there is an Oil & Gas Guide for Homeowners? How about an instruction booklet regarding occupational licenses? In addition, there are employment booklets, family law guides, and even a few that touch on criminal law such as expunctions. Ever had someone corner you at a party regarding these topics? I am always quick to send them to the TYLA website to download a free copy of these pamphlets which helps them and me! Plus, many issues are available in English and Spanish.

You can also use these resources for your clients. For small business clients, I often send them a complimentary copy of the Small Business Toolkit and Employment Law Basics for New Employers. Construction clients and material suppliers—send them the Introduction to Mechanic’s Liens. Landlords should all have the Tenant’s Rights Handbook and if you have a smaller client that wants to handle a claim on their own, send them the How to Sue in Small Claims Court guide.

I encourage you to browse www.tyla.org and familiarize yourself with all the information available. In fact, I keep a box in my office full of the different pamphlets. This is especially helpful when someone has a question out of my field or when a “friend” needs some basic information. Remember TYLA is working for you, and I hope you will utilize all that is available!