Law Students

Law Students

TYLA Gives Law Students Much to be Thankful For
By: Belashia Wallace

I saw a student give one of our hard-working law professor assistants a sealed card after our high exam grades were announced in class this week. The assistant is known for going above and beyond to help students understand the material via group and individual tutoring sessions. When the student handed the assistant the card, the assistant comically shook it and asked if there was money inside. The student smiled and said, “No, but please read it.” It was simply a thank-you card. I presume that the words in the card were worth far more than any money that could have been slipped inside. Just like there is always time to get help from our professors and mentors when we need it most, there is always time for us law students to say thank you to others when it’s most deserved. It takes little time out of our worlds, yet it makes a world of difference.

With that in mind, I would like to thank TYLA for its ongoing efforts to help law students succeed and reach their full potential.

This year, law students all over Texas are taking advantage of the rewarding opportunities offered through TYLA. In addition to an astounding number of law student applications received for this year’s TYLA Diversity Scholarship, law student participation in TYLA’s programs is also on the rise.

Pictured, from left: Program moderator and TYLA director Michelle Scheffler, litigation associate at Andrews Kurth; TYLA director Nicole Soussan, litigation associate at Baker Botts; Ben Rose, principal attorney at the Harwood Rose Law Firm; Romy Kaplan, Law Office of Romy B. Kaplan; Dannye Holley, dean of Thurgood Marshall School of Law; Belashia Wallace, State Bar of Texas Law Student Division chair and TYLA law student liaison; Latoya Merida, State Bar of Texas Law Student Division vice chair; Patrick Curphey, supervisory asylum officer with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services; and Thurgood Marshall School of Law students.

TYLA’s How to Get a Job signature rollout program was presented at SMU Dedman School of Law and Thurgood Marshall School of Law this semester. This program gives students the opportunity to hear directly from TYLA directors and other leading attorneys on the employment process. Panelists provided their top tips regarding resumes, leadership opportunities, interviews, and more. Each program also offered open discussion for students to receive candid answers to some of their most pressing questions.


Dozens of Thurgood Marshall School of Law students filled the room in anticipation of this year’s How to Get a Job program. For the first time ever, the students were offered a bonus networking portion with the program, which was also attended by deans of the law school. The bonus networking portion afforded students the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the panelists and learn more about their careers and experiences. Following the program, the panelists were given a tour of the new law school facilities, followed by a private lunch in the Dean’s Suite.



Following TYLA’s How to Get a Job program at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, the first-time visiting attorney panel was given a private tour of the new law school facilities, which was led by the school’s director of administration, Derrick Wilson.

In addition to its scholarship and programming initiatives for law students, TYLA is also committed to cultivating advocacy skills. Law students from schools all over the nation are participating in TYLA’s 2015 National Trial Competition, which will be held March 11-15 in Houston. TYLA urges students to sign up and become volunteer witnesses for the competition. If you are interested, please contact Bree Trevino for details.

For more information on TYLA’s programs and initiatives at your law school, contact your State Bar of Texas law student representatives here.

Belashia Wallace is the chair of the State Bar of Texas Law Student Division and serves as law student liaison of the Texas Young Lawyers Association.

Views and opinions expressed in eNews are those of their authors and not necessarily those of the Texas Young Lawyers Association or the State Bar of Texas.

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