TMM Spotlight

TMM Spotlight

Ten Minute Mentor for Judicial Clerkships
By:  Belashia Wallace

No matter where you are in your law school career, you have likely already heard about the benefits of working for a judge. It is an opportunity that is sought after by law students, recent law school graduates, and even practicing attorneys. You learn the interworking of the judicial system, but more importantly, you learn about yourself. You learn that your writing is not perfect, which inadvertently molds you closer to perfection. You learn the importance of being able to re-search your research, finding that there is always more to learn. Above all, one of the greatest things you learn about yourself is that you have what it takes to be a great lawyer.

If you are considering applying for a judicial internship as a law student or applying for a judicial clerkship upon graduation, the below Ten Minute Mentor video is just for you. The Honorable Catharina Haynes of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals speaks on the benefits of working for a judge. She also provides helpful insight and tips for applicants seeking judicial clerkship positions.

View more Ten Minute Mentor videos here. Stay tuned for more information regarding TYLA’s newest project for law students who are interested in judicial internship opportunities.

Belashia Wallace is the chair of the State Bar of Texas Law Student Division and serves as law student liaison of the Texas Young Lawyers Association.

Views and opinions expressed in eNews are those of their authors and not necessarily those of the Texas Young Lawyers Association or the State Bar of Texas.

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