Editor's Column

November 2014

By:  Sally Pretorius

Holiday season is finally here! All year long I look forward to the holidays because for me the holidays mean I finally have an excuse to dress up my dogs, wear sequins, crazy bow earrings, and light-up tree sweaters on a regular basis all whilst seeing those I love dearly and consuming copious amounts of dessert, including my mom’s homemade gelatin congeal. Most importantly, though, the holidays for me mean a time when I get to truly reflect on all that I have to be thankful for. As I sit in my firm’s holiday party, I get to reflect on what an amazing job I have — one that encourages me to participate in TYLA and local bar activities — which is something that I am extremely passionate about and hold very near and dear to my heart (shout out KoonsFuller!). As I get the monthly newsletters from my local bar affiliate, I get to see all the wonderful ways and opportunities that our legal community is giving back through a project called Generation Generosity, which are highlighted in this edition of eNews. As I sit down to review my emails, I see messages from my personal mentors checking in on me and realize how lucky I am to have a mentor (How and Why to Find a Mentor, written by TYLA Mentor of the Year featured herein). Lastly, as I stand at holiday parties and gatherings with my colleagues, friends, and family with my drink in one hand and cheese plate in the other, I get to reflect on how amazing people can be and all that they can and have accomplished. In this edition, we feature a young attorney who has done extraordinary things that impact the community in a very big way and get to hear tips from another very accomplished attorney.

I hope that you all enjoy this edition of eNews, as it holds several articles from friends, mentors, and extraordinary members of the legal profession.

Sally is a family law attorney practicing at KoonsFuller in Southlake, Texas and is on the TYLA Board of Directors.

Views and opinions expressed in eNews are those of their authors and not necessarily those of the Texas Young Lawyers Association or the State Bar of Texas.

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