April 2015

April 2015

By: Laura Pratt

I don’t know what happened to my April. Last year, I felt like everything fell into place rather quickly and easily. This year is quite the opposite. Among all the work demands, the family commitments, and volunteer opportunities, I find myself here, at the 11th hour, trying to pen an article worthy of your time and effort to read. So as I sit here and bemoan the fact that I wish I had more time to do all the things I need to do (including my Editor’s Column), I am reminded of the simple fact that all of us are likely in the same boat. Everyone gets the same 24 hours.

Almost everyone has seen at least some part of that TV show where each week the designers get a new challenge to create some article of clothing. Every designer gets the same overall challenge and the same amount of time to execute some amazing design. Largely dependent on the choices of fabric, overall design, and ultimately the success in execution, the outcomes are as varied as the people on the show. Regardless of whether it’s episode one or episode 10, one designer will inevitably freak out about not having enough time to finish his design. The host’s only proffered encouragement after tearing a design to pieces or making someone talk through a meltdown is “make it work.”

So here’s my takeaway: Even though life’s complicating factors may be different for you, we all still get the same allotted time to “make it work.” All of us have to find our priorities and our balance in order to complete our projects in the allotted time. Because everyone gets the same 24 hours, make time for what you truly want your outcome to be.

This issue of eNews highlights some examples of young lawyers making time for things that are important in their profession and their community. TYLA’s Diversity Dinner highlighted the importance of taking time to spotlight diversity in our profession. The Amarillo Area Young Lawyers Association spent some time this April to host charity events for their community. On the professional side, Joshua M. Sandler and Rafael C. Rodriguez’s article highlights the importance of taking the time to follow the rules of civil procedure, and Tommy Clancy’s article highlights the importance of making time for important causes and constitutional rights. The newest TYLA project, Passing the Bar: A Study Guide, focuses on helping law students with the bar exam, highlighting tips to balance their time and efforts to achieve professional licensure. Belashia Wallace relays Olivia Haigler’s tips on doing the same. 

If your April is as crazy as mine or if you find yourself in the place of wishing for more time, remember it’s not necessarily about having the time, but rather making the time. Be willing to say no to the things that don’t work for the result you desire, and be willing to delegate or reach out for help when the to-do list gets just a little too long. (Here’s my public THANK YOU to those that have willingly taken on some delegated task for me!) Finally, thanks to the constant rotation of the Earth, you may not be there yet, but you are closer to your desired outcome than you were yesterday.

Hope you enjoy the issue!

Views and opinions expressed in eNews are those of their authors and not necessarily those of the Texas Young Lawyers Association or the State Bar of Texas.

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